Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reformer Pilates Machine

Pilates is a physical fitness system and it’s practiced by millions of people all over the world. One of the most popular Pilates equipment is the Pilates reformer machine. Pilates reformer machines are extremely versatile. They consist of a series of strings and pulleys made into one exercising machine. One quite outstanding thing about reformer Pilates machine is that it can be used to perform more than 100 exercises.

At a glance and judging by its name a Pilates reformer machine may come out as medieval equipment. This machine can be used for various kind of exerc ises. Reformer Pilates machines can be extremely useful in establishing torso stability alignments. You can also work on your peripheral limbs in a range of motion. Pilates reformer machines are exceptionally useful in strengthening your core. They also aid in flexibility.

There are various forms of reformers. Some are wooden while others are made of steel. The Pilates reformer machine has various parts. The Pilates accessories combine well to give you the effect you require for your exercise. For example it has adjustable springs which allow for progressive resistance. This helps in lengthening and strengthening the muscles.

There are Pilate for beginners and Pilates for the professionals. Whether you are a professional or a beginner you will find that a Pilates reformer machine is one of the most important exercising machines you can have in your gym. Reformer Pilates machines are also common equipment in rehabilitation clinics.
Some people opt to have their own Pilates reformer machine.

If you are a beginner and wondering how you are going to get started, do not worry. There are Pilates classes and Pilates for beginners. Some gyms, rehabilitation clinic and fitness centers offer group reformer Pilates classes. Information about the Pilates reformer machine and how it works can also be found on the internet. There are Pilates for dummies and Pilates video for those who want to exercise at home.

Pilates reformer machine has various parts. These include;

• The springs foot bar and gear system. The foot bar is adjustable. It uses a gear system and has two to four notches that allow the height of the foot bar to be easily adjusted. Consult an instructor or a specialist to help you figure out which height suits you. The springs provide resistance from the machine.

• The carriage. This is the part where you place your body. It is moved by pushing on the foot bar or pulling the straps. It glides back and forth across the inside frame

• Straps or ropes-these ropes are attached to pulleys at the top of the reformer machine.

• Headrest and shoulder blocks-the head needs to be rested on the headrest. This is because most of the Pilate exercises are done lying down. The shoulder blocks are for putting the shoulders in place.

There are several kinds of reformer exercises that one can perform. One of them is the set of Pilates ring that help in toning the upper body. The Pilates ring provide enough but not much resistance when the sides are squeezed together.
The Pilates chair has recently become an addition to the whole Pilates set. They are also known as wunda chairs.